The Homeowner’s Summer To-Do List

The Homeowner’s Summer To-Do List

Can you believe summer is less than one month away? It seems like we posted our spring homeowner’s checklist just a few days ago, not MONTHS ago! Now that we are so far into spring that it is almost over, it is now time to get your home ready for the upcoming season. Take a look at our summer to-do list for all homeowners. 

Clean that grill

Although you can grill during any time of year, summer is definitely the season of grilling. Since many of you probably have not used your grill since probably Labor Day, then you must clean it before using it anytime soon. Not only may it have rusted in the last year, but there may be carbon deposits on it that are havens for bacteria. A good cleaning is necessary, and then you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier and tastier barbecue! 

Inspect your patio

While you are out there cleaning your barbecue grill, go ahead and inspect the patio it sits on too. If it is wooden, then some of the wood may have rotted in the intervening year. Some nails might also show, so you may want to get out that hammer. Painted decks might also need a touch-up if anything peeled. 

Take a look at your gardens

By now, your flowers and bushes have probably bloomed and are already beautiful. However you might also notice some irritating weeds too. Since wind and rain may have blown or washed away some mulch in the last year, that gave weeds a bigger chance to sprout. Buy and lay down some more mulch. Mulch also helps the ground retain more moisture, so you should see even bigger and more beautiful plants soon afterward. 

With summer still a few weeks away, this weekend is the perfect time to get cracking on our homeowner’s summer to-do list. It may be Memorial Day Weekend and you just want to relax, but look at it another way. If you get enough accomplished, then you may finish your summer to-do list early and be able to enjoy the outdoors sooner and with even less stress & mess!

Planning Your Future Yard

Planning Your Future Yard

When you see an empty lot of land, then the first thing that pops into your head is what your house will look like once it is built there. While this is definitely important, do not neglect another major part of your home – your yard! The size of your yard helps determine how big a house you want. To help you determine how sizable you want your future yard to be, consider these questions. 

Is your family going to grow?

Yards can be especially important when it comes to children. If you already have children, then they may be of the age where they want to spend more time outside. Should this be the case, then you may want plenty of room for swing sets, basketball courts, or even a swimming pool. If you do not yet have children, then you should think about whether you plan on having any in the future. For those who want children, a bigger yard could come in handy. If you do not wish to expand your family, then you might not need that extra space. 

What are your outdoor plans? 

When people move into a new house, they often plan on adding to their property. Some people enjoy having a gazebo for dining and aesthetics, while others want a bigger porch. You may even want a storage shed for a lawnmower or other gardening tools. Plus if this is not your forever home and you plan to move at some point, these outdoor features can increase your resale value. For whatever reasons additions like these are part of your long-term plans, then you absolutely should not skimp on yard size when planning your future home. After all, yards that are too small cannot handle such supplementary features later on!

Do you want to spend much time working on your yard? 

As gorgeous and grand as any yard may be, all yards require upkeep to remain stunning. Mowing is a dreaded part of homeownership, but it is something that must be done. Are you prepared to spend a significant amount of your time tending to your yard? Obviously, the bigger the yard, the more work you need to spend taking care of it. Even if you plan on having someone else mow your yard, that is still an extra expense you should consider. Some mowers may charge more to take care of a very big yard.

Once you answer these crucial questions about your future yard, then you are ready to pick out a home lot! Hawthorne Creek Homes is more than happy to help you find the right acreage or subdivision for your new home. Reach out to us here, and let’s get started on your perfect yard and even more perfect home!

How to Decide Between Custom Homes and Resale Homes

How to Decide Between Custom Homes and Resale Homes

Your home represents a large investment for your family. In fact, for most people it’s the single largest transaction they make, adding to the weight of the decision to buy. When you’re considering your options, you may struggle between finding a home on the market or building your own custom home. After all, you have to live with your decision for years. 

We’ve put together these tips to help you think through the decision and find the right path for you and your family. 

Weighing your needs and wants 

When you look for homes on the market, you typically have to make some type of concessions. After all, resale homes were built to meet someone else’s needs, not yours. This means you’re getting fixtures, flooring, and a floor plan that may not really be right for you. So while resale homes may be convenient, they also may not fit your unique needs. This is where the custom home has the advantage. You get to decide what stays and what goes, ensuring that you’re happy with your living space.

Floor plans that fit your life

Have you seen a home from the seventies? How about the forties? The look and feel of space in these times is far different than it is today. This illustrates the fact that floor plans actually age, which means a resale home might be using space in an outdated way. By getting a custom home, you can find a modern floor plan that matches how you plan on living in your home. Since most people spend more than a few years in their new home, it makes sense to try to match your needs to your space. 

Energy efficiency 

You probably wouldn’t be thrilled to use a refrigerator from the eighties. The same goes for most appliances in your home. Older appliances, including things like HVAC systems, are far less energy efficient than they are these days. This means they cost more to operate and over time, this really can add up. Unless a resale home has been updated significantly, it’s probably full of energy inefficient equipment that acts as a slow drain on your budget. Buying a home and upgrading everything may be an option, but it’s a very expensive route to take. This makes a custom-built home a better choice for overall energy efficiency. 

Last but not least, you’ll want to think about repairs. No matter how detailed an inspection you get, a resale home comes with many blind spots. Will the roof start to leak? Was that water leak fixed correctly? Since you can never really be sure, a resale home carries more risk than most custom-built homes. Custom homes have new appliances, new equipment, and most of the time come with a warranty. This can reduce the risk and lead to a more satisfying and less stressful homeownership experience.

Fremont Hills – Oak Knolls English Cottage Coming Soon

Fremont Hills – Oak Knolls English Cottage Coming Soon

Coming soon we will have an Oak Knolls English Cottage located at 826 Rolling Hills Dr. In Fremont Hills. This will be part of the Parade Homes and will feature a lot of extras.

June 2020


  • 2684 sqft and a 786 bonus room
  • 4bd, 3ba, FDR, 3 living areas that include a sunroom
  • 3 car garage
  • On a corner lot
  • Price to be determined