Buying a home is the American dream, and the goal of many people who are ready to put down some roots. In some circumstances, buying a home can also be a great investment. For first time homeowners, however, the process alone can be quite intimidating. If you’re not prepared financially, it can also be a significant drain on your resources.


The following tips can help first time homeowners prepare for the financial aspects of home ownership so that the entire experience is more rewarding, and less stressful.


Reduce your debt

Debt can derail your financial stability, especially when you’re considering a mortgage. When possible, try to reduce your debt so that you’re juggling fewer bills. This can potentially also improve your credit score and make financing your home a bit easier.


Create a budget


Budgeting is always helpful, but it’s critical when it comes to buying a home. You’ll need to know how much of a mortgage you qualify for before you really start shopping around. An easy way to do this is to get pre-approved for a mortgage and use that as your home buying budget. Keep in mind, it’s okay to set your home budget lower than your pre approved amount. 


Have a savings

The home buying process is costly and being a homeowner comes with additional expenses you don’t have as a renter. For this reason, it is important to have savings that are not used for the purchase of your home. This is a buffer that you can use for emergencies should life throw you a curveball.

Educate yourself

The home buying process has many steps and can be a bit overwhelming. For those that are new to the process, it can also be intimidating and stressful. You can reduce your stress, and empower your decision making, by learning about the home buying process. There are plenty of sources available online, like this guide to home buying from Investopedia.


Consider your options

You can shop for homes already on the market, but that isn’t your only option. You can have a home built for you too. This gives you the ability to more closely match your home with your needs, including lot location, floor plans and other options. 


Remember, buying a home is more of a marathon than a sprint. Be patient as you work through the process and try to enjoy the adventure. This will help reduce the frustration that can come with trying to work through all the steps it takes to go from day dreaming about a home to getting the keys and moving in!


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