From creating memories and new traditions to the simple joy of decorating your home for the season, home ownership can feel extra special during the holidays. For new homeowners, this is especially true, but it might also come with a few extra stressors due to the initial cost of getting into a home. Fortunately, you can decorate for the season on a budget with a little thought and planning. 


The following tips can help new homeowners enjoy their first Christmas with simple, budget friendly and versatile decorating ideas. 


Adopt a new color scheme

You don’t have to buy a lot of Christmas decorations to have a holiday-themed home. By incorporating the colors of the season into your general decor, you can create a strong holiday aesthetic. Green and red throw pillows, winter-themed wreaths and centerpieces all give off holiday vibes without being overtly Christmas themed. And while poinsettias, holly and the Christmas cactus are traditional house plants for this time of year, you don’t have to switch out your current plants for the holidays. You can simply tie red and green ribbons around your house plants, or use holiday-colored foil to wrap their pots. 


Embrace mood lighting

Lighting can be a powerful tool for creating atmosphere in your home. It can also be an affordable way to change up the look and feel of your home for the holidays. From green and red Christmas lights, to twinkling white lights that you can use any time of the year, lighting is a quick and easy decorating option. Since you can use some colors year around, it can also be a versatile way to decorate multiple occasions. You can keep your utility costs in control by using lighting only after dark. 


Candle accents

Everyone loves candles, so it makes sense to play them up during the holiday season. It’s more budget friendly to opt for seasonal scents over seasonal colors so that you can display your candles for a longer period of time. You can also use battery powered candles around the home. These are completely safe options that allow you to light up areas where a real candle might be not optimal. Many of these twinkle and create a very warm, life-like glow. 


Use gifts as decorations

You’re used to gifts piling up under your tree, but why not let your gifts do double duty this year as decorations! By using beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons, you can create display worthy presents that make your entire home feel more holiday-like. Place them in small groups around your home, perhaps with a small figurine or other more traditional decoration. This is a budget friendly way of transforming your home for the holidays. 


There you have it, simple and affordable ways to make your first Christmas even more special in your new home. You can also find some visual inspiration if you’re looking for some extra holiday-themed decorating ideas.


And if you’re dreaming of your very own custom home in the upcoming year, we have some additional inspiration for in our gallery!