To continue our discussion of how the size of the home today has increased, and where exactly the square footage is going, we need to look at a big part of the home: the bedrooms.

New homes in Springfield, MO are still wanting bigger master bedrooms, as was common in homes in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990’s. But the amenities in the master bedroom have changed a lot!

Some new homes in Springfield, MO describe the master bedroom as a “getaway” space. These bedrooms are built to accommodate lounge furniture, tv-nooks, and some even office spaces. This added space gives the homeowners more freedom to design a bedroom that promotes relaxation, rest, and time for recharging.

One thing that hasn’t changed for new homes in Springfield, MO is the space of the extra/additional bedrooms in the home. These rooms are still relatively the same size, allowing new home builders in Springfield, MO to add a larger quantity of rooms without increasing the actual room space.

Also having additional rooms in a home has given new home builders Springfield, MO more versatility for resale, as more buyers are wanting in-home office spaces.

Outdoor Spaces for Family and Entertaining

This is one area that has grown drastically since earlier homes. While the outdoor living space doesn’t actually add square footage to the home, it adds a quality to how the home “feels” to the new homes in Springfield, MO. 

Even in states that see colder winters, we’ve seen an uptick in outdoor living areas being a necessity for the home-owners.

Adding a pool, patio, or deck gives new home owners in Springfield, MO a place to relax during milder weather. Or as a entertainment space for guests and parties. Whatever the purpose is for the space, it definitely adds appeal for new homes in Springfield, MO!

What Size Home Works For You?

New home owners in Springfield, MO shouldn’t be intimidated by choosing the size of their home. It’s important to plan out what spaces matter most to you and for your lifestyle. Some new home owners in Springfield, MO may not need a large master bedroom, but might need an extra-large kitchen for family gatherings.

No matter what type of home you need, Hawthorne Creek Homes is here to help new home owners in Springfield, MO find the perfect sized home!