As a new home builder in Springfield, MO we’ve seen a trend in buyers looking for more automated homes. These “smart” homes have the ability to adapt to the behavior of the residents, respond to commands, and tailor just about everything to the home owners needs.

We wanted to take a minute and discuss home automation systems and how they’re affecting new home builders in Springfield, MO.

These smart systems can provide new home owners in Springfield, MO with added convenience, savings on energy costs, efficiency, security and a whole lot more. Home automation systems also provide the home with increased value, as potential buyers see the benefits these systems have and can provide.


What types of Home Smart Systems Can You Add to Your Home?

Smart Thermostats: new home systems can not only control the climate in the home with these thermostats, they can do a whole lot more! Most thermostats “learn” the habits of the homeowner and adapt over time. Some even have occupancy sensors so the temperature will change depending on what room the homeowner is in. This feature also allows your home to conserve energy when the homeowner is away.

Security Systems: homeowners now have the ability to monitor their home from almost anywhere. As a new home builder in Springfield, MO we’ve seen a huge jump in people installing security and surveillance systems to their homes. These systems give the homeowners peace of mind that their property and families will be secure.

Smart Lighting: We’ve far surpassed the “clap on, clap off” era with home lighting systems. As a new home builders in Springfield, MO we can install smart lighting that responds via voice commands or a device to any of the homes we build. Some smart lighting systems come with the ability to adjust brightness from anywhere your device is located and can also sync their schedules with the smart lighting so the lights will turn on when they arrive home and turn off at a certain time during the evening. Not to mention, most of the smart lighting systems come with light bulbs that last up to 15 years!

If you are building a new home in Springfield, MO we would love to talk to you about building your forever home and implementing some smart home systems to improve your lifestyle.