There’s no doubt about it, trends are just as big in the world of homes and home décor as they are in fashion. While home trends tend to stick around a few years at a time, they definitely shift every three to five years. All you have to do is see a fifties style kitchen or an entryway from a classic 70’s home to see home trends in action.


Architectural trends are a bit harder to follow, but when it comes to home décor most people enjoy switching things up with the season. Spring is especially popular because it’s the first chance after the long, cold winter to invite some color and life back into your home.


Here are some of the newest trends for 2021 that you may want to try in your own home.


Rustic modern: Sure, it seems like these are opposite, but when you combine them in your home you’ll achieve a distinctive look. Sometimes called “modern cottage” this look features farmhouse style interiors with bare wood, reclaimed wood pieces and modern touches. You can make this look your own, by mixing and matching old and new elements, like reclaimed end tables and modern table lamps.

Contemporary country: You don’t want to resurrect the cow prints just yet, but you can easily achieve this look with country-style decorations lightly mixed into a modern space. This could be the addition of meadow prints, embroidered pieces and calm lighting to soften up a contemporary room. If you already have a more rustic, country space, simply add contemporary elements, like a modern centerpiece, painting or furniture accent piece.

Bright and muted pastels: Spring home décor is not complete with a conversation on pastels. Few things say spring as much as pastels, and that isn’t a trend that will go away anytime soon. This year, however, mixing bright and muted pastels throughout the home is popular. This could include throw pillows and blankets, area rugs, candles, and wall art that showcases this color palette.

Global themes: Infusing living spaces with globally inspired looks is a fun trend this spring. From using color themes and centerpieces inspired by nature from around the globe to cultural décor items, global themes can reflect your personal travel stories or dream trips you want to one day take.

Surf and turf: Sure, the beach is always in, but right now bringing a bit of the ocean to your home is in. From cool ocean hues to decorations inspired by a day at the beach, people are getting creative with their living spaces this spring. There really is no wrong way to do it, from ocean blue accent pieces and shell centerpieces to sea breeze incense.

What spring home décor trends do you plan on following this year? We’d love to hear all about it on social, so feel free to share tips and pics!