New home Springfield, MO: does it seem like the size of homes has grown since you were a child?

Well, it’s not just in your imagination. Houses have increased by about 1,000 square feet since the 1970’s, according to the United States Census Bureau. And while that’s a huge number, it’s just an average. In the last ten years, new homes in Springfield, MO actually prefer houses about 2500 square feet larger.

But we need to dig deeper into those numbers to understand if homes really are that much larger. Certainly, the floor plans for new homes in Springfield, MO have drastically changed since the 1970’s, or even the 1990’s.

Different parts of the home are now playing different roles and the square footage is being allotted differently, which gives certain areas bigger roles in today’s homes.

Looking further into rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom, and basement will give new homes in Springfield, MO better info on how the square footage is being used in our homes today.

“Modern Day” Kitchens

The kitchen is one room that has gotten a huge space increase from the homes of the 70’s or 80’s. In fact, new homes Springfield, MO enjoy kitchens that are up to 50% larger than kitchens of the past.

And this isn’t just space for added appliances! New home Springfield, MO are swapping formal dining rooms for eat-in spaces. This newer feature has allowed the host to participate in entertaining, rather than be closed off from the guests. As well as giving easy access to things needed in the kitchen.

Improved Bathrooms

If there’s a room that has changed the most drastically over the years, it’s probably the bathroom! Bathrooms in today’s homes include double showers, soaker tubs, towel-warming racks, and more! They’ve also gone up significantly in square footage.

Not only that, the number of bathrooms in the home has increased. One full bath is no longer the standard for homes. And new home Springfield, MO has shown interest in having half-baths on multiple levels of the home.