Reduce Water Consumption in Your Home With These Simple Tips

Water is one of our most valuable resources, and we know that new home owners Springfield, MO don’t intentionally waste water. Yet more than 10,000 gallons of water per family is wasted each year.

New home owners Springfield, MO can take simple steps to lower water usage in their homes and today we’re here to talk about them!

We cannot stress the importance of keeping an eye out for even the smallest water leaks in the home. New home owners Springfield, MO can easily do this by checking the water meter on a regular basis.

Pick a time when there will be minimal (or no) water usage in the house and make a note of the meter reading, then go back in a few hours and check it again. It’s important for new home owners Springfield, MO to look for issues if the numbers indicate anything other than minimal chance.

We know that new home owners Springfield, MO tend to be very opinionated about dishwasher use, but hand washing only a few things uses just as much water as a dishwasher cycle. Always fill your dishwasher to max capacity before running it to ensure that you’re not wasting water.

Another simple way to conserve water is to be mindful of water usage when caring for your lawn. New home owners Springfield, MO are used to heavy rain in the Ozarks, but also becoming accustomed to the drought conditions we’ve seen lately. New home owners Springfield, MO can keep their grass looking healthier by making sure the mower blade is set higher, which helps with root growth. In addition, the grass clippings should be left on the lawn, as they have fertilizer type properties that will give your lawn the nutrients it needs.

Finally, any hoses or sprinklers new home owners Springfield, MO have around the house should be checked regularly for leaks and to make sure the connection is secure.

What Happened to the Master Bathroom Tub?

New Homes Springfield, MO: we’re seeing more and more home buyers choosing homes that don’t feature a large jacuzzi or bathtub in the master bathroom. Some homes are even being built with no tub at all, but extra-large or more extravagant showers such as our European walk-in shower that comes standard in all of our homes.

We think that this trend is important for new home owners in Springfield, MO to understand because it is affecting the residential buyers market.

The biggest reason we think this trend is becoming more prevalent is that more baby-boomers are buying homes. Since that generation is aging, it’s becoming more and more difficult to climb in and out of a tub. New home owners in Springfield, MO who are baby boomers should consider larger showers with wheelchair accessibility, or roll-in access for the years to come.

Having a large bathtub also takes up a lot of prime real-estate space in the master bathroom, which we think is another reason why new home owners in Springfield, MO aren’t installing large tubs. If you’re a growing family, you’ll want a tub of some sort, but older new home owners Springfield, MO are opting to install that tub in a secondary bathroom. Or opting for a smaller tub in the master bathroom.

Last, but certainly not least, it seems the busy lifestyles we’ve adopted are having a big impact on “tub time.” We know many new home owners Springfield, MO don’t have as much down-time as they used to and therefore are eliminating the tub. There are many shower options that can provide the same relaxation benefits as a jacuzzi tub, in about half the time.

Whatever your preference, we suggest new home owners Springfield, MO to either opt for a smaller tub, or design the bathroom with space for a tub to be added later, in the event they change their mind or for resale value.