Custom Home Trends of the Past

Custom Home Trends of the Past

Looking forward to the next thing is always fun and exciting; exploring where the up-and-comers of home interiors and exteriors are going next gives us some avant garde ideas.  But it can be just as much fun to look back at what luxury homes used to be, and the trends those homeowners and builders were setting. Let’s head back to the 1920s for a minute; who knows?  You may find the missing design idea you’ve been looking for when building a new home Springfield MO!

Homes of this era were built in a post-war spirit, with hand-crafted millwork and soaring ceilings.  Rich mahogany was everywhere, even the floors, and grand fireplaces were de rigeur – especially in the Northeastern part of the country.  Luxury homeowners of this era were opting for grandiose dining rooms and ballrooms for entertaining, sweeping foyers, and large balconies spanning entire floors.

In a rather stark contrast to today’s tendency towards clean, modern lines, these homes were all about grace and grandeur, for both the exterior and interior.  Intricate stone and woodwork, marble, and even gold added luxury and elegance to every flowing line. Hand-painted tiles and ceilings and hand-carved banisters made many of these touches completely unique and irreplaceable.  Over-the-top expressions of wealth were all the rage.

The opulence didn’t stop with the house.  In an effort to imitate the exquisitely maintained grounds they’d seen in Europe, many luxury homeowners included gardens that put the homes to shame with their massive size and beauty.  The days of Gatsby really did exist, and though they may have fallen out of fashion on such a large scale, small nods to the era add touches of glamour and grandeur to the luxury homes of today when building a new home Springfield, MO.

Closed or Open Floor Plan? Pro’s & Con’s for New Homes in Springfield, MO

Choosing Between an Open or Closed Floor Plan: New Home Builders Springfield, MO

Don’t underestimate the importance of the style of floor plan you choose when picking out a home. The layout of the home influences everything from cost, where your time will be spent to even how you entertain company at your home.

If you’re a building a new home in Springfield, MO you’re probably weighing the benefits of a more traditional feel to your home (closed floor plan) or a modern, flowing feel (open floor plan). To help you make your decision, we’ll compare the two floor plans.

Closed Floor Plans: New Home Builders Springfield, MO

A closed floor plan gives the homeowner a functional home, with separate distinct areas that provide privacy to the spaces. These plans typically have 3/4 of a wall separating each room and are appropriate for people who don’t need a lot of space to entertain.

Benefits of a closed floor plan:

    • Money saved on heating and cooling
    • Plenty of walls for decorating
    • Sound control
    • Privacy

Open Floor Plans: New Home Builders Springfield, MO

Open floor plans incorporate a single living space into one large room. This is seen most commonly with a living room, dining room, and kitchen. At Hawthorne Creek Homes, we like to add elevated ceilings to certain areas to help provide a distinct location for rooms such as a living room.

Benefits of an open floor plan:

    • Plenty of space for furniture
    • Making a small space appear larger
    • Promote a sense of family togetherness
    • Room for entertaining and guests
    • Spread natural light

New home builders Springfield, MO have a lot of options to weigh when deciding which type of floor plan to incorporate into their home. It is key to define how you want to utilize your home and how you feel you can make the best use of space.

If you prefer smaller spaces with more quiet, you’re probably going to want a closed floor plan. If you prefer a more modern looking home, then you’ll probably want an open floor plan.

Take time to weigh the pros and cons of each plan to ensure that you end up with the home of your dreams – your forever home.