Luxury Custom Homes vs. Semi-Custom Homes

Luxury Custom Homes vs. Semi-Custom Homes

If you’ve been in the market for a new home for a while, you may be finding yourself overwhelmed with the options. Chances are, you’ve viewed home after home with high hopes…only to be let down by the details, the size, or a myriad of other issues.  Nothing seems to fit the bill, and you’re wondering if this is even the right decision for your family.

Many homebuyers don’t consider building, simply because of the perceived time and cost invested.  It’s also difficult to know where to start when building a new home Springfield, MO. But dreaming, designing and ultimately living in your own custom home could be the cure for all your home-buying ills, and it doesn’t have to be more expensive or more time-consuming than buying an existing home.

When it comes to creating your own space, it’s worth it to consider your level of customization.  If you’re ready to go all out and build the home your family will enjoy for years to come, a fully custom home is the perfect option.  You’ll have the freedom to choose your builder, your location, and every option from size to countertops, windows, floors, and layout. A fully custom-built home can carry some additional expense and time investment, but it often means a space without compromise when building a new home Springfield, MO.

If that level of investment is a little scary, you may want to consider a semi-custom home.  You’ll have less autonomy when choosing the layout, although we make floor plan changes often from our standard options. They’re typically constructed with a fairly set layout but your are free to still choose your lot, and buyers have some choice when it comes to added features like garages, extra rooms, etc.  These homes generally involve less cost and less time.

Canine-Centric Homes

Canine-Centric Homes

We spend a lot of time talking about floors and fixtures and paint colors and messy kitchens and interior concrete popping up where you’d never expect it. Trends and budgeting are important, but sometimes you have to deviate and talk about something truly lighthearted and luxury – building a custom home Springfield, MO and designing it around your canine companions.

Our dogs have become equal members of our families, and it’s only natural that we’d want to make their lives in their new custom home as comfortable as possible. A National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey found that 81% of respondents would take their pets’ needs into account in considering housing!  

If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’re familiar with their affinity for all things noxious and dirty. If bathing them in the bathtub makes your heart sink, think about including a dog-washing station in your mudroom or garage when building a new home Springfield, MO. Clean dog, clean bathroom, mud and foul odors down the drain where they belong. You’ve probably also watched your precious pupper attack his or her food and water bowls with a veracity that almost can’t be believed, leaving puddles of soggy kibble and bowls miles away from where they started.  Think about an easy-to-clean, built-in, stationary feeding area that keeps things in their place.

Those are all rather functional, but if you want to really go over the top, what about an elevator to the second floor, based solely on your dog’s needs? Or a bedroom, for your puppy alone, complete with synthetic turf carpeting and a door to the outside? There are whole communities planned around dogs; think parades, parties, “yappy hours”, and butlers dedicated to your fur baby.  You’re only limited by your imagination and budget (and the puppy dog eyes).

Durable Custom Home Trends Ideal for Families

Walls and walls of windows.  Ornate chandeliers. A fixation on all things white and clean.  All of these are beautiful trends for those building a new home Springfield, MO, but let’s face it – not all of them are ideal for happy, busy, loud, messy life with one or more children or pets.  But don’t despair – function, design, and beauty can exist in harmony thanks to designers and builders that are a step ahead. Read on to hear more about ways to make your new custom home stunning and livable!


Concrete is popping up everywhere, and it doesn’t have to feel like a tomb!  Concrete and cement floors create an incredibly durable surface that can be finished in a myriad of colors, stains, and patterns.  It’s a blank canvas that’s easy to clean and comes with almost zero maintenance when building a new home Springfield, MO. It’s also appearing on countertops and walls, offering a tough and industrial, yet completely customizable, surface.

Black Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Black matte fixtures are on the scene in a big way, with an elegant and modern look for almost all custom home trends.  They’re available in many styles, and fit well in kitchens and bathrooms. They don’t require as much cleaning, and won’t show water spots like lighter brass and chrome finishes do.  

Simpler Flooring Options

With constant family traffic in and out, floors can be a full-time job.  Designers and builders are always on the lookout for options that will make that upkeep a little less time-consuming.  Lighter wood flooring is one of those options; it opens up and brightens a room, while hiding dings and imperfections. Large tiles in the bathroom mean less grout to clean when building a new home Springfield, MO, plus less upkeep and maintenance.

From Farmhouse to Ultra-Modern, What’s Your Homes Style?

Custom and unique home building is not relegated to urban areas.  More and more people are looking to move out of the city limits and enjoy a quieter way of life, but without sacrificing style and comfort.  Read on to find out what’s happening beyond the bright lights as people build new home, Springfield, MO!

The Quintessential Farmhouse

Nowhere does a farmhouse look better or more authentic than in an actual farm or farm-like setting.  This trend is going nowhere, and variations abound. Primitive, Shabby Chic, modern, the options are endless.  Amenities that were once expensive options are becoming more mainstream, such as copper and farmhouse sinks, distressed flooring, shiplap, and unique appliances.  More land area allows for a more sprawling look when you build a new home Springfield, MO and surrounding areas; and why not go ahead and add that classically huge front porch for entertaining?

Ultra-Modern Country

Many people are opting for much cleaner lines and angles with an ultra-modern custom home with plenty of space surrounding it.  Minimalism takes a front seat here, with touches like concrete and unexpected dark, sleek wood touches adding dimension. Stones like marble, agate, onyx, and alabaster are popular, with unexpected splashes of green and other bright tones taking focus.  But don’t forget about the classically, timelessly popular black and white tuxedo combination; it’s a perfect way to add some grace and style to a modern new home Springfield, MO!

The Eclectic Look

Can’t decide what your favorite look is?  On the fence between rustic and rough and clean and modern?  Don’t despair! Turns out, these two looks can be beautifully and seamlessly combined for a look that won’t be found anywhere but your own personally designed space.  Think distressed, rustic wood floors with a polished quartz countertop and vintage lighting in the kitchen, or neutral colors like grays, creams, and blues combined with a beautiful rough stone fireplace mantel.  

The choice is yours, and the time is now!  Contact Hawthorne Homes to create your unique rural living space!

Why Building a New Home, is NOT More Expensive Than an Used Home

The real estate market has given us no shortage of ups and downs over the past ten or twelve years, and it looks like it could be gearing up for another curveball.  There’s talk of bubbles on either coast, and even here, in the middle of the country, the market is up and available inventory is down. If you’re thinking about relocating or building a new home Springfield, MO, now may be the time to start looking at talking to a custom home builder.

Early in the first quarter of 2018, Forbes Magazine named our very own Queen City a “Best Buy City” – generally speaking, a great place to live and invest in housing.  That being said, the number of used homes on the market is declining, leading to a bit of a price conundrum for those seeking housing in the area. Springfield’s population growth has outpaced the existing homes available for sale, driving up the price point and making residents new and established consider building a new home Springfield, MO.  Low home inventory may just make a custom home more affordable for you and your family; new builds are on the increase in the 417 area code, and that trend spans the most popular established neighborhoods as well as brand-new communities.

Custom homes have been seen as a viable option in the past for those with more disposable income, but as trends continue to change and reverse, custom and semi-custom homes are becoming more attainable for everyone.  What could be better than a home YOU design, from top to bottom? If you’re on the fence about finally creating the home of your dreams, why not get in touch with a premium, regionally recognized custom builder like Hawthorne Homes?  We’ve got the experience to make your plans a beautiful reality!

What Happened to the Master Bathroom Tub?

New Homes Springfield, MO: we’re seeing more and more home buyers choosing homes that don’t feature a large jacuzzi or bathtub in the master bathroom. Some homes are even being built with no tub at all, but extra-large or more extravagant showers such as our European walk-in shower that comes standard in all of our homes.

We think that this trend is important for new home owners in Springfield, MO to understand because it is affecting the residential buyers market.

The biggest reason we think this trend is becoming more prevalent is that more baby-boomers are buying homes. Since that generation is aging, it’s becoming more and more difficult to climb in and out of a tub. New home owners in Springfield, MO who are baby boomers should consider larger showers with wheelchair accessibility, or roll-in access for the years to come.

Having a large bathtub also takes up a lot of prime real-estate space in the master bathroom, which we think is another reason why new home owners in Springfield, MO aren’t installing large tubs. If you’re a growing family, you’ll want a tub of some sort, but older new home owners Springfield, MO are opting to install that tub in a secondary bathroom. Or opting for a smaller tub in the master bathroom.

Last, but certainly not least, it seems the busy lifestyles we’ve adopted are having a big impact on “tub time.” We know many new home owners Springfield, MO don’t have as much down-time as they used to and therefore are eliminating the tub. There are many shower options that can provide the same relaxation benefits as a jacuzzi tub, in about half the time.

Whatever your preference, we suggest new home owners Springfield, MO to either opt for a smaller tub, or design the bathroom with space for a tub to be added later, in the event they change their mind or for resale value.