“For the FIRST time in forty years of having homes built, we’ve found a great builder with Hawthorne Creek Homes. These people, and we’re including all their sub-contractors, take pride in every step of the home building process in which they are involved. They all have the same goal, our satisfaction. Ironically THEY are more concerned about the quality of our new home than we are – we thought that was impossible! It has been a pleasure for us to have Hawthorne Creek Homes build our new home, we could actually RELAX while it was being built. Never thought we’d ever think, say much less actually do that (relax), but we did. We’re thrilled we found Hawthorne Creek Homes and recommend them very highly to anyone considering a true ‘home improvement”


“HCH “Family”…REALLY? Sounds like an overused marketing term to me, BUT WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THIS! Monday we had our first meeting with the electrician, Tim Whalen, of Whalen Electric at our home being built by HCH at Kelby Creek. Our meeting went very well, but what I want to tell you about isn’t our electrical service. We’re having the “New Castle” built with a lot of customization. Tim Whalen mentioned that he LIVES in a “New Castle” and ours is very different to his home. We mentioned that we had never seen a “New Castle” in the real world, just drawings. Tim immediately invited us over to his home that evening to have a personal tour of a “New Castle”. This was totally unexpected and unnecessary as we are 3 months into construction – he certainly didn’t need to ‘sell’ us. He just wanted us to see the difference for ourselves and opened HIS HOME to us to make this happen! I told him to check with his wife first and we’d call him that evening to confirm our visit. He gave us a complete tour of his home showing us many special electrical gizmos he had incorporated into it. He even took us into the closets showing us special USB ports built into outlets for charging apparatus out of sight. We really enjoyed our visit comparing our “Castles” and I’d never have guessed they were both originating from the same plan because they look sooooo different. Coincidentally, we came close to purchasing the lot next door to Tim but then opted for a lot in Kelby Creek – we were almost next door neighbors. After our meetings with Tim we realized we missed out on having him for a terrific neighbor, but that’s okay, we have him for our electrician and in our HCH FAMILY.”

Gene & Einora

“We are delighted to be living in a Hawthorne Creek Home and living in the community of Copper Leaf. 1) The builders, Stan and Regina Gutshall, go above and beyond making sure their homeowners are comfortable in their home and they have good customer service; 2) The design of the homes are so open and because there is no wasted space, the homes seem bigger than they are. The courtyard or covered porch on the front of the home and the covered deck on the back of the home, provide several opportunities to be outside, enjoy the neighbors and enjoy the weather. My husband and I will have our coffee sitting out front on our courtyard and in the evening sitting out back watching the sunset. It’s such a comfortable feeling. 3) This community is one of the best around. the grounds are beautiful because of the constant up keep. We have a pool, clubhouse, walking trails, park, lake, etc. This really is a community for getting to know your neighbors. It’s a pleasure living in Copper Leaf and a pleasure living in our Hawthorne Creek Home. My husband and I love our home.”

Jim & Kathy

“We are very pleased with our Hawthorne Creek Home. Stan and Regina are wonderful people, and making decisions for our new home was very easy. They were right on schedule and have stood behind everything we’ve asked them to do. We love the design of our home and the character it displays. It was individualized to meet our needs, and we would recommend them for your new home construction or purchase.”

Marc & Rhonda

“After shopping several home builders and looking at dozens of homes, the choice to have Hawthorne Creek Homes build our home was easy. The design, style and most importantly the quality was evident in Hawthorne Creek Homes we looked at. Stan and Regina were informative and understanding of our questions and needs. They were helpful in the design phase and open to our suggestions. They offered several good ideas and once the construction phase started the project moved very quickly. Even though we are 45 minutes away, Stan was onsite often to oversee the construction and solve the issues that surfaced. Regina made sure the whole process went smoothly. The project was completed on time and on budget. We have been in our home for a year and a half and are happy we choose Stan and Regina to build our dream home. We are so happy with our home that we had Stan build a detached garage for us. We would definitely have Stan and Regina (Hawthorne Creek Homes) build our next home.”