The moment you decide to build a custom home may also be the moment you decide you need to spend some quality time finding an architect that will take the visions in your head and turn them into lines on blueprint paper.  You can’t trust this job to just anyone. How do you make the right decision? Here are some questions and ideas to get you started. 

The first question you may have is “do I need an architect?”  The answer is….well, not always. Here at Hawthorne Creek Homes we already have an in-house team.  And if your parcel of land isn’t particularly unique, that team is more than capable of writing plans for your dream home.  BUT…if you happen to have a piece of ground that requires some extra consideration, our trained and experienced architect is a great option for you.  And if you’ve also found a quality builder, there should be no issue with integration.

Assuming you’ve made the decision to involve a qualified architect in your build, you may be wondering how to go about finding a good one.  Like so many highly skilled occupations, the best fit may come from a referral. The people from whom you take advice know you and your dreams best, so ask them if they’ve worked with someone in the past.

If you don’t have luck with referrals, it may be time to research homes you admire.  If there’s an architect associated with the design, there’s a good chance you’d find a good match there.  The current residents (especially if they’re the original owners) would most likely be flattered by your interest.  A knock on the door can’t hurt!

It’s true that an architect is an added expense, and your homebuilder may be more connected to what your dream is going to cost you.  Concept and design are very important to architects, and rightly so; but the costs can add up quickly, not to mention the cost to employ such talent.  Before ground is broken, make sure you’ve done your research.