If you’re planning on custom building a new home Springfield, MO, there’s a long checklist you’ll want to keep in mind. From the fun stuff (beautiful new floors? Quartz countertops? New appliances? Yes, please) to the not-so-glamorous tasks (septic tanks, utilities, and building codes. Oh, my…), you’ll want to make sure everything is in place before we get started.

Even before you secure your dream location, check out the requirements. Do you have to use a specific builder? Are you going to have to adhere to an outside deadline, or can you and your builder work at a different pace? Some communities will require you to build to certain specifications and within a set timeline when building a new home Springfield, MO, and will only allow you to use certain builders. Make sure your dream location won’t keep you from your dream home.

Septic tanks, water sources, and other utilities are also vitally important and need to be figured into your building budget. If you’re building a new home Springfield, MO within established community limits, these will typically be readily available. But if your site is more remote, you may have to plan for more involved processes like well and septic tank digging. Electricity and gas connections could also require a little more investment.

And last but not least, be certain your budget is well-thought out. Whether you’ve got some constraints or you’ve got the chance to build without thinking much about the costs, guidelines are necessary for planning and contingency. A solid budget will also make sure your dream home doesn’t end up owning you; without visible numbers to stick to, that beautiful tile or exotic hardwood flooring or centuries-old ceiling beams could run away with your money.

Hawthorne Creek Homes can help you with all of these considerations, so if you’re ready to get started, give us a call today!