One of the best things about living in a world that is (literally) completely connected is that we have a window into what’s going on around the world.  Design and custom home trends are no exception, and what could be more fun than looking in on what our friends from across various ponds are loving for their homes in 2019 when building a new home Springfield MO?  From plain, muted apricot bathrooms to tiny ecosystems in health-conscious kitchens, our neighbors around the world are sharing their ideas with us here in the States.

To begin, it should be emphasized that design tends to be influenced by what’s going on in the world and people’s reactions to it.  Regardless of country or political affiliation, look for trends that refuse to conform – rebellious, yet completely collaborative. Design ideas from across the board will merge, simply because they can.  

One of those trends we’re loving is two-tone marble when building a new home Springfield MO.  Think black with gold, copper, and creamy tones as an entire kitchen island, backdropped with a white on warm grey vein.  Or maybe the bright, kitschy 80’s vibe is something you remember fondly. Why not pair those color schemes and shapes with rough, concrete texture, which is a style that seems to be taking root in places like Italy.

But the new trends don’t all involve color, texture, and palette.  Some are born of functionality and necessity. The Murphy bed, for example, is enjoying a comeback in new and creative ways.  Moveable walls and built-ins that serve multiple purposes are making small and large spaces alike much easier to use, not to mention just upping the cool factor to a whole new level.  

Regardless of how you define your style, there are so many ways to embrace national and international trends.  Let us help you decide how to incorporate them into your custom home!