Global warming.  Pollution. Carbon emissions.  Concern for our planet is everywhere, and with good reason.  We’ve only got one, and we have the responsibility to take care of it.  Problem is, we still have to live here, and that requires that we make a mark on the earth.  And if you’ve decided to build a new home Springfield, MO, you may be realizing that footprint is a little bigger than you’d like.  Luckily, there are ways to reduce it and make your home as easy on the planet as possible!

Take, for example, inflated steel.  Yes, you read that correctly – this would be sheet metal that has been filled with air, creating ultra-light steel architecture made with pressurized air.  The concept began with a three-legged stool, made by laser-cutting templates out of steel, welding them together, and inflating them from a single point under high pressure.  It’s since moved to occupiable structures, so if ultra-modern and unique is your jam, this interesting concept could be worth exploring.

Slightly less space-inspired are PET building materials.  The need to recycle plastic is obvious, but until now, plastic hasn’t been able to support structural weight.  Thanks to Belgium-based manufacturer Armacell Benelux, plastic is now a viable building option. They offer structural foam panels, thin sheet materials, and insulating foam cores.

Cinder blocks are pretty basic, but even they can take on an environmentally friendly tone as carbon-reduced building materials.  About 33 billion tons of concrete are produced annually, making a huge mark on greenhouse gas emissions. Solidia Technologies, based in New Jersey, produces concrete with a recipe that generates 30% fewer greenhouse gases than the standard recipe.  

Environmental guilt doesn’t have to figure in to building a new home Springfield, MO.  Just make sure you talk to your builder about the best ways to reduce your effect on our one and only planet.