Custom and unique home building is not relegated to urban areas.  More and more people are looking to move out of the city limits and enjoy a quieter way of life, but without sacrificing style and comfort.  Read on to find out what’s happening beyond the bright lights as people build new home, Springfield, MO!

The Quintessential Farmhouse

Nowhere does a farmhouse look better or more authentic than in an actual farm or farm-like setting.  This trend is going nowhere, and variations abound. Primitive, Shabby Chic, modern, the options are endless.  Amenities that were once expensive options are becoming more mainstream, such as copper and farmhouse sinks, distressed flooring, shiplap, and unique appliances.  More land area allows for a more sprawling look when you build a new home Springfield, MO and surrounding areas; and why not go ahead and add that classically huge front porch for entertaining?

Ultra-Modern Country

Many people are opting for much cleaner lines and angles with an ultra-modern custom home with plenty of space surrounding it.  Minimalism takes a front seat here, with touches like concrete and unexpected dark, sleek wood touches adding dimension. Stones like marble, agate, onyx, and alabaster are popular, with unexpected splashes of green and other bright tones taking focus.  But don’t forget about the classically, timelessly popular black and white tuxedo combination; it’s a perfect way to add some grace and style to a modern new home Springfield, MO!

The Eclectic Look

Can’t decide what your favorite look is?  On the fence between rustic and rough and clean and modern?  Don’t despair! Turns out, these two looks can be beautifully and seamlessly combined for a look that won’t be found anywhere but your own personally designed space.  Think distressed, rustic wood floors with a polished quartz countertop and vintage lighting in the kitchen, or neutral colors like grays, creams, and blues combined with a beautiful rough stone fireplace mantel.  

The choice is yours, and the time is now!  Contact Hawthorne Homes to create your unique rural living space!