Do you have a pet and are you planning on building a new home Springfield, MO? If so, we’ve got some tips on keeping your pets safe in your yard!

If you need to protect the yard at your new home Springfield, MO then try to use organic yard treatments whenever possible. Homeowners can mix water with cayenne pepper to spray on their gardens to keep insects at bay. You will also want to make sure any harmful equipment is stored out of the way to save your pets from injury.

If your new home Springfield, MO doesn’t already have a fence installed, make sure to install one to protect your pets from potential prey or wild animals. This can also reduce unwelcome neighborhood domesticated animals, and keep your pets safe at home. It is also smart to keep your pets food indoors so that your yard is less inviting to neighborhood pets that are in the area.

If your new home Springfield, MO has a pool, then it may provide a threat to your pet. Especially if the animal isn’t an agile swimmer. It’s important to ensure that your new home Springfield, MO has barriers around the pool to protect your pet since pools can be attractive to animals, especially when it’s hot.

It’s also important to be aware of certain seasons, holidays, and celebrations around where your new home Springfield, MO. Your pets comfort and safety are highly important! During the spring and summer, make sure that your pets have adequate shade and an automatic water replenishment system. Around the 4th of July, know the fireworks schedule in the neighborhood of your new home Springfield, MO. In the fall and around Halloween, ensure that when kids are trick or treating around your new home Springfield, MO that children aren’t giving your pets candy or other toxic foods.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for pet owners who are building new homes Springfield, MO!