Whether you’re in a position to start putting your luxury custom home dreams down on paper when building a new home Springfield, MO, you’re just beginning to put those dreams together for a later date, or you’re looking for ideas to fit into your budget, here are some beautiful and functional luxury trends in custom home building.

Concrete seems far from being a luxury touch, but since it’s entered the home building scene, it’s adopted a permanent space.  It can add a rough edge to the most polished decor, and it can be used on any scale, from walls to countertops to entire exteriors.  Whatever your desired level of impact, concrete is adaptable and affordable while offering a modern luxury feel.

Wood washes have captured the attention of most people, from the whitewashed shiplap to the natural, unfinished look.  This trend does not seem to be going anywhere soon for those building a new home Springfield, MO, and heavily grained and coerced wood (using white pigment to fill in the natural lines and irregular quality of the wood itself, creating more texture and dimension) are being added to the fold.  Any and all of these finishes can be used and even combined for a truly unique look.

Minimalism has been a dominating trend in homebuilding for a few years.  It’ll stick around as a matter of preference, but maximalism is making a comeback.  Mixed metals, finishes, and textures are coming to the forefront, as well as more layered and complex designs.  These touches combined with natural elements like wood, exposed brick, and stone create a truly luxurious look. Think luxe, not sparse.

Luxury custom home dreams are exciting, and they may be more within your reach than you’d think.  Get in touch with Hawthorne Creek Homes today and talk with us!