If you’re even considering building a new home Springfield, MO, you’ve more than likely heard the words “floor plan” enough to make them just fade into the background.  The words themselves sometimes fail to convey the importance of this step; it’s the foundation for your home, the space you have available to be with loved ones, and it defines the flow of your life within its walls.  “Trend” is a strong word when it comes to floor plans, as they’re a tricky animal to change on a whim. But nevertheless, the popular plans adapt as the world around them changes, and there are some practical and fun considerations as you begin to plan.

Practicality. Luxury paired with practicality gives you a floor plan that works on every level (see what we did there?).  Open floor plans are proving themselves to be evergreen, but they can also present a problem with storage. Enter beautiful mud rooms, gracefully placed closets, and bright, comfortable laundry rooms. Hate the thought of your sweet pup closed in an uncomfortable wire crate while you’re away during the day? Why not give them an open room under the stairs or a space with a door to the outside dedicated just to them? These spaces don’t need to be large. They just need to take advantage of unused space, turning it into areas that both solve a problem and please the eye when building a new home Springfield, MO.

Multi-Generational Living.  The definition of the nuclear American family is changing. Increasingly, aging parents are moving in with adult children and their small ones. As the job market fluctuates, college graduates are staying with parents longer as they establish their own homes. Privacy can become an issue, as can features (i.e., stairs) that can be difficult for elderly family members to navigate. Many people building a new home Springfield, MO are looking ahead in preparation and creating comfortable, private spaces in their homes for loved ones.  

Style.  As we mentioned before, the open floor plan is proving itself as a lengthy contender.  The modern American farmhouse is also emerging victorious for yet another year, providing new home builders with clean, simple lines and a touch of nostalgia. Social kitchens, large bathrooms and one-level living are also setting the trend as we move into 2019.