Whether we like it or not, technology and artificial intelligence have taken over large parts of our lives. We can ask Google, Alexa, and Siri random questions and get immediate answers. We can easily be wired and connected anywhere we want to be, and that doesn’t stop when you’re thinking about building a new home in Springfield, MO. Make your new custom home work harder for you with technology that stretches from the kitchen to the bathroom!

Life’s busier than ever, and it’s tough to get a meal on the table. Your new fully wireless kitchen is here to help! A fully integrated kitchen can be controlled from your smart phone. Turn the oven on or off. Make some coffee. Change the temperature in the refrigerator or start the slow cooker or pressure cooker. Rumor has it that a set of fully capable robot hands will soon be able to help in the kitchen as well when building a new home Springfield, MO!

Lighting seems basic, but with all the advances in technology, it’s heading for another level. Programmable light bulbs that mimic sunrise/sunset and change colors based on who’s sending you a text are now on the market. Dimmer switches that come equipped with bluetooth technology are also available for every room in the home.

Home security has definitely benefited from the advances in technology. Your windows, garage doors, front and back doors, gates, and grounds can be monitored remotely. Smoke alarms can be programmed to unlock doors and windows when they go off, garages can be closed with the swipe of a finger. Cameras connected to your smart phone keep a watchful eye and keep you updated throughout your time away.

Overwhelmed by all the options? Consider a hub. All your smart technology can be channeled through one device, and you can monitor everything from your washing machine to the coffee maker. If you’re building a new home Springfield, MO, talk to us about making it fully integrated!