We can thank the wildly popular home renovation and construction shows for the attention that reclaimed materials are getting. The trend incorporates more than surface style, though; people building a new home Springfield MO are also attracted to the upcycled opportunities inherently available with materials that have already served their purpose well, and and are perfectly worn-in for a second life.

There’s almost no part of an old structure that can’t be reclaimed; there’s also no shortage in ways to repurpose them. Old wide-plank floors suddenly become accent wall siding. Chimneys come inside for hearths and fireplaces. Doors become countertops. If you have a vision, the opportunities are endless when building a new home Springfield, MO.

But as with any less-than-traditional building methods, there are considerations to take into account. For example, if you’re planning on re-selling your home eventually, you may want to make sure that any reclaimed trends you incorporate could be easily masked by the next buyer. Quirky painted stairs can be easily covered by carpet, for example, or antique doors can be replaced. Materials that are off the beaten path could actually lead to a lower appraisal, so consider less permanent options if you plan to put your house on the market at a later date.

Also bear in mind that while older fixtures are very visually appealing, many are not up to today’s efficiency requirements that have to be met when building a new home Springfield, MO. Choose a new toilet that looks old or a commercial porcelain sink instead of their original versions; they’ll stand up to building codes and save you money and hassle.

And lastly, always make sure your materials are sourced reliably and responsibly and prepared properly. Otherwise, there can be chemical, pest, or rot issues that aren’t visible to an untrained eye. Ask questions about the seller’s processes and where the materials originated.