This question obviously has carried some negative connotation over the years.  But with the constant design trending towards a simpler, more rustic time, living and raising a family in a barn is now becoming desirable when building a new home Springfield, MO.  From actual barns upgraded to home status to new metal construction to stick-built barn homes, many are opting for a soaring open style that incorporates warmth and primitive simplicity.

Though these homes hearken back to a way of life that’s less than luxurious, forget all your pre-conceived notions about drafty, dark, and dusty structures.  They offer so much opportunity to be high-end, custom homes. Huge beams support high ceilings above grand open living spaces, lit by statement chandeliers. Vast stone fireplaces offer light, warmth, and character – especially when flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows.  Wide-plank flooring adds a simple and elegant touch, with original or engineered hand-hewn marks. And almost nowhere does the growing popularity of Scandinavian and Nordic design fit better than in the barn home. Clean, simple lines and all-natural materials offer the chance to create a space that is all at once minimalistic and incredibly inviting when building a new home Springfield, MO.  

As if those design notes weren’t enough, the options to create your own barn home span just about every possibility.  Some custom home dreamers choose the real thing, opting to put the work into the original and preserve a piece of history.  Others prefer the architecture over the age, and work with their custom builder to create a “barn” that’s brand-new and completely unique.  Within that spectrum is the growing popularity of metal homes; with an industrial but warm feel, the sky is the limit when it comes to imagination and design.  

So if you’re part of the movement that wants to change the perception of those “raised in barns”, you’re not alone!  Work with your custom home builder to create your own warm, inviting space.