The real estate market has given us no shortage of ups and downs over the past ten or twelve years, and it looks like it could be gearing up for another curveball.  There’s talk of bubbles on either coast, and even here, in the middle of the country, the market is up and available inventory is down. If you’re thinking about relocating or building a new home Springfield, MO, now may be the time to start looking at talking to a custom home builder.

Early in the first quarter of 2018, Forbes Magazine named our very own Queen City a “Best Buy City” – generally speaking, a great place to live and invest in housing.  That being said, the number of used homes on the market is declining, leading to a bit of a price conundrum for those seeking housing in the area. Springfield’s population growth has outpaced the existing homes available for sale, driving up the price point and making residents new and established consider building a new home Springfield, MO.  Low home inventory may just make a custom home more affordable for you and your family; new builds are on the increase in the 417 area code, and that trend spans the most popular established neighborhoods as well as brand-new communities.

Custom homes have been seen as a viable option in the past for those with more disposable income, but as trends continue to change and reverse, custom and semi-custom homes are becoming more attainable for everyone.  What could be better than a home YOU design, from top to bottom? If you’re on the fence about finally creating the home of your dreams, why not get in touch with a premium, regionally recognized custom builder like Hawthorne Homes?  We’ve got the experience to make your plans a beautiful reality!