The last thing you likely want to think about when designing and building your custom luxury home is the idea that one day, you may have to be faced with the prospect of selling it.  This is your dream, the project you’ve dreamed of and planned for over the years. “Resale” probably leaves a bad taste, thinking about generalizing any detail…but it does make financial sense to put at least a little thought into optimizing your chances of selling your home if needed.  And luckily, there are easy ways to do that, and the compromise is generally slight. They’ll probably even benefit you while you’re living there!

Energy efficiency is an all-around good idea.  Appliances, heating systems, windows, and insulation can all fall into this category.  Even doors and roofs can add to your home’s efficiency. You can build a home that’s Energy-Star rated for your area, and you can make sound size and placement decisions that add to your home’s resale.

Kitchens and bathrooms are great ways to add resale value.  And, as a general rule, the bigger and more elaborate, the better (and it’s another great way to increase that energy efficiency with appliances and water-saving shower features).  All the high-end touches you add here will likely come right back to you should the need arise to list your home.

Finishing out a basement can add valuable space for you and any potential future owner.  Adding a bathroom takes it even a step further, making the space usable for guests and even as an in-law’s suite or a renter.  Whatever you decide, adding these finishing touches can help ensure your home will sell much more easily if you have to part with it.