The Homeowner’s Summer To-Do List

The Homeowner’s Summer To-Do List

Can you believe summer is less than one month away? It seems like we posted our spring homeowner’s checklist just a few days ago, not MONTHS ago! Now that we are so far into spring that it is almost over, it is now time to get your home ready for the upcoming season. Take a look at our summer to-do list for all homeowners. 

Clean that grill

Although you can grill during any time of year, summer is definitely the season of grilling. Since many of you probably have not used your grill since probably Labor Day, then you must clean it before using it anytime soon. Not only may it have rusted in the last year, but there may be carbon deposits on it that are havens for bacteria. A good cleaning is necessary, and then you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier and tastier barbecue! 

Inspect your patio

While you are out there cleaning your barbecue grill, go ahead and inspect the patio it sits on too. If it is wooden, then some of the wood may have rotted in the intervening year. Some nails might also show, so you may want to get out that hammer. Painted decks might also need a touch-up if anything peeled. 

Take a look at your gardens

By now, your flowers and bushes have probably bloomed and are already beautiful. However you might also notice some irritating weeds too. Since wind and rain may have blown or washed away some mulch in the last year, that gave weeds a bigger chance to sprout. Buy and lay down some more mulch. Mulch also helps the ground retain more moisture, so you should see even bigger and more beautiful plants soon afterward. 

With summer still a few weeks away, this weekend is the perfect time to get cracking on our homeowner’s summer to-do list. It may be Memorial Day Weekend and you just want to relax, but look at it another way. If you get enough accomplished, then you may finish your summer to-do list early and be able to enjoy the outdoors sooner and with even less stress & mess!