The Size of Homes Today: Part 1

New home Springfield, MO: does it seem like the size of homes has grown since you were a child?

Well, it’s not just in your imagination. Houses have increased by about 1,000 square feet since the 1970’s, according to the United States Census Bureau. And while that’s a huge number, it’s just an average. In the last ten years, new homes in Springfield, MO actually prefer houses about 2500 square feet larger.

But we need to dig deeper into those numbers to understand if homes really are that much larger. Certainly, the floor plans for new homes in Springfield, MO have drastically changed since the 1970’s, or even the 1990’s.

Different parts of the home are now playing different roles and the square footage is being allotted differently, which gives certain areas bigger roles in today’s homes.

Looking further into rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom, and basement will give new homes in Springfield, MO better info on how the square footage is being used in our homes today.

“Modern Day” Kitchens

The kitchen is one room that has gotten a huge space increase from the homes of the 70’s or 80’s. In fact, new homes Springfield, MO enjoy kitchens that are up to 50% larger than kitchens of the past.

And this isn’t just space for added appliances! New home Springfield, MO are swapping formal dining rooms for eat-in spaces. This newer feature has allowed the host to participate in entertaining, rather than be closed off from the guests. As well as giving easy access to things needed in the kitchen.

Improved Bathrooms

If there’s a room that has changed the most drastically over the years, it’s probably the bathroom! Bathrooms in today’s homes include double showers, soaker tubs, towel-warming racks, and more! They’ve also gone up significantly in square footage.

Not only that, the number of bathrooms in the home has increased. One full bath is no longer the standard for homes. And new home Springfield, MO has shown interest in having half-baths on multiple levels of the home.

Closed or Open Floor Plan? Pro’s & Con’s for New Homes in Springfield, MO

Choosing Between an Open or Closed Floor Plan: New Home Builders Springfield, MO

Don’t underestimate the importance of the style of floor plan you choose when picking out a home. The layout of the home influences everything from cost, where your time will be spent to even how you entertain company at your home.

If you’re a building a new home in Springfield, MO you’re probably weighing the benefits of a more traditional feel to your home (closed floor plan) or a modern, flowing feel (open floor plan). To help you make your decision, we’ll compare the two floor plans.

Closed Floor Plans: New Home Builders Springfield, MO

A closed floor plan gives the homeowner a functional home, with separate distinct areas that provide privacy to the spaces. These plans typically have 3/4 of a wall separating each room and are appropriate for people who don’t need a lot of space to entertain.

Benefits of a closed floor plan:

    • Money saved on heating and cooling
    • Plenty of walls for decorating
    • Sound control
    • Privacy

Open Floor Plans: New Home Builders Springfield, MO

Open floor plans incorporate a single living space into one large room. This is seen most commonly with a living room, dining room, and kitchen. At Hawthorne Creek Homes, we like to add elevated ceilings to certain areas to help provide a distinct location for rooms such as a living room.

Benefits of an open floor plan:

    • Plenty of space for furniture
    • Making a small space appear larger
    • Promote a sense of family togetherness
    • Room for entertaining and guests
    • Spread natural light

New home builders Springfield, MO have a lot of options to weigh when deciding which type of floor plan to incorporate into their home. It is key to define how you want to utilize your home and how you feel you can make the best use of space.

If you prefer smaller spaces with more quiet, you’re probably going to want a closed floor plan. If you prefer a more modern looking home, then you’ll probably want an open floor plan.

Take time to weigh the pros and cons of each plan to ensure that you end up with the home of your dreams – your forever home.

The “Smart System” New Home Trend in Springfield, MO

As a new home builder in Springfield, MO we’ve seen a trend in buyers looking for more automated homes. These “smart” homes have the ability to adapt to the behavior of the residents, respond to commands, and tailor just about everything to the home owners needs.

We wanted to take a minute and discuss home automation systems and how they’re affecting new home builders in Springfield, MO.

These smart systems can provide new home owners in Springfield, MO with added convenience, savings on energy costs, efficiency, security and a whole lot more. Home automation systems also provide the home with increased value, as potential buyers see the benefits these systems have and can provide.


What types of Home Smart Systems Can You Add to Your Home?

Smart Thermostats: new home systems can not only control the climate in the home with these thermostats, they can do a whole lot more! Most thermostats “learn” the habits of the homeowner and adapt over time. Some even have occupancy sensors so the temperature will change depending on what room the homeowner is in. This feature also allows your home to conserve energy when the homeowner is away.

Security Systems: homeowners now have the ability to monitor their home from almost anywhere. As a new home builder in Springfield, MO we’ve seen a huge jump in people installing security and surveillance systems to their homes. These systems give the homeowners peace of mind that their property and families will be secure.

Smart Lighting: We’ve far surpassed the “clap on, clap off” era with home lighting systems. As a new home builders in Springfield, MO we can install smart lighting that responds via voice commands or a device to any of the homes we build. Some smart lighting systems come with the ability to adjust brightness from anywhere your device is located and can also sync their schedules with the smart lighting so the lights will turn on when they arrive home and turn off at a certain time during the evening. Not to mention, most of the smart lighting systems come with light bulbs that last up to 15 years!

If you are building a new home in Springfield, MO we would love to talk to you about building your forever home and implementing some smart home systems to improve your lifestyle.

Millennials Leading the Way in New Home Purchases in Springfield, MO


Contrary to the popular belief of new home builders in Springfield, MO, millennials were the largest group of homebuyers in 2017. They made up 34% of the buying pool, with 66% being first-time homebuyers.

Which indicates that not only are they buying, slightly less than half of millennials are actually buying their second or third home.

The Census Bureau recently released the following statement regarding homeownership, “Contrary to some analysts’ predictions that the rate would fall to 61% or lower in the coming years, the new [Census Bureau] estimates indicate it increased to 64.2% in 2017,” said NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz. “The data also showed six consecutive quarters of gains in the count of home owners, with notable growth among those under the age of 35.”

It’s evident by the growth that millennials are definitely recognizing the value and benefits of investing in a home.

How Does This Affect New Home Builders Springfield, MO?

It’s important that new home builders Springfield, MO to stay on top of the trends that keep millennials in mind.

Millennials rely on technology. They are used to having answers to all the questions they’re asking within seconds, and within a few finger taps. Millennials also are known to rely on customer reviews more than any other generation and they take the research phase very seriously.

New home builders in Springfield, MO shouldn’t be intimidated by this information, as being tech savvy doesn’t mean most millennials aren’t still seeking professional help in their home searches. When compared to baby boomers, Gen-X, and the silent generation, millennials are the top group purchasing homes from realtors.

Finding a New Home Builder Springfield MO

We’re confident that any millennial looking for a new home builder in Springfield, MO will be perfectly happy with Hawthorne Creek Homes! We provide help understanding the purchasing and building process, from start to finish. We also know that no information is more valuable than personal experience, which is why we let our customer’s tell our story for us.