Custom home interiors tend to take over the conversation when speaking about trends, but exteriors can be just as exciting and present plenty of opportunities to make your investment stand out.  From materials to styles to rooflines, custom home builders are constantly inventing and reinventing exterior ideas to fit personal tastes when building a new home Springfield, MO. Here are a few for 2019!

Color is an obvious way to adopt exterior trends without a commitment to a foundation.  Classic white with black trim is making a comeback, as well as warm neutral palettes like grays and blues.  On the other end of the spectrum, bolder shades like charcoal, black, dark green, dark red, and dark blue will make an appearance as accents and primary colors.  Black, in fact, seems to be emerging as a highly popular choice as a primary color, especially with the rising popularity of minimalist design.

Using siding in creative ways adds focal interest and a particularly unique look.  Think two-tone wood, or changing up the direction the siding flows. Natural wood is especially warm and inviting, but has presented problems with rot and pests in the past.  New engineered designs all but eliminate these issues, once again reviving this original idea. Mix up the medium, too – wood siding and brick is quickly coming on-scene. Color is prevalent here, too, with cool dark shades adding distinction and drama when building a new home Springfield, MO.

Windows may not seem like they’d offer much opportunity for character, but some manufacturers are sitting up and taking notice of the rising trends.  For years, it was difficult to create a colored window that would stand up to the outside elements, but recent advances have made that possible. Black vinyl windows are in high demand, but just about any shade is doable and will add contrast and character to your new custom home.